Member Farmers'Testimonials

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Effective microorganisms are my life’s work! The watercress got better and better.

Watercress farmers, Mr. & Mrs. Nakazato

The first words out of his mouth were, “Effective microorganisms are my life’s work!” The Nakazatos began farming after retirement, and they mainly grow watercress and okra. They used to use pesticides, but after meeting the Miyagi Farm staff about 3 years ago, they switched over to effective microorganisms. They say that the quality of the watercress just kept on getting better. “Because it can absorb so many nutrients, it just keeps on sprouting auxiliary buds. We could double our harvest.” Right now, they’re working on developing watercress as a pickled product. “I also attend the monthly Okinawan Microbial Agriculture Network. It’s interesting because you meet so many people with different ideas.” The Nakazatos use terraces with clean water to grow crispy, juicy, pungent tasting, delicious watercress, and Miyagi Farm delivers them to the customers.

We connect farmers and consumers through farming methods for coexisting with microbes.