New Agricultural Trainees' Testimonials

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The vegetables here taste completely different to anything I've had before

New Agricultural Trainee Mr. Yoshida

Mr. Yoshida has always been interested in agriculture, but he disliked how his grandparents used pesticides in their fields. When he decided to quit his job in IT and get into the farming business, he was introduced to Miyagi Farm as a place to learn about organic farming. “Starting from scratch, they taught me everything I know about microbes.” Mr. Yoshida is currently in his 10th month of training. He says that the main benefit of cultivation using EM is taste. “I often eat raw vegetables, and I can really taste the difference in the spinach and carrots here. The handama (Okinawan spinach) that I’ve eaten here is really completely different to what I’ve had before.” After he completes his training, he wants to grow ginger and leaf vegetables. “By working with Miyagi Farm, I don’t have to worry about finding customers. I can just focus on growing things. It’s really a weight off my mind.”

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