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We support sustainable "Beautiful Rural Community Development" through agriculture in coexistence with microbes. By carefully pursing good taste, we build bridges with the regional community, and by placing importance on connections of the heart, we create a happy future.


Both crops and people grow through their connections with others

When Miyagi Farm founders Morihiko and Asako Miyagi were children, agriculture was undertaken by the village as a whole. Agriculture wasn’t only about planting crops; it was about using a hoe artfully, and helping others in the community. Agriculture brought the village together. Our conception of “Beautiful Rural Community Development” isn’t simply about making beautiful scenery. Agriculture isn’t something that you can do alone. It's something that involves those around you. Crops and people can only grow through their connections with others.

About Processing

Our products' value lies in how we use processing so that nothing goes to waste.

Large companies have laboratories with numerous employees, whereas our staff can be counted on one hand. However, when someone tells us that something tastes bad, we honestly accept the criticism and immediately change what we can. We don’t get attached to doing things in a certain way.

About Processing

About Eggs & Vegetables

We harness the power of microbes with free range chicken farming.

We provide a daily truckload of greens and clean water through perforated pipes, and we leave the chickens’ dietary mix up to the chickens themselves. The floor of the chicken coup is covered in a layer of composting chicken droppings, creating a surface like forest humus.

About Eggs & Vegetables

Developing People

We acknowledge the differences between people and production areas.

Every month, we hold a study group with about 40 farmers. Additionally, just like how each person has their own unique personality and abilities, each region also has its own characteristics. We develop production areas based on this way of thinking.

Developing People

Miyagi Farm Products

  • Plain (Mayonnaise)Plain (Mayonnaise)
  • Balsam Pear (Mayonnaise)Balsam Pear (Mayonnaise)
  • Red Pepper (Mayonnaise)Red Pepper (Mayonnaise)
  • premium (Mayonnaise)premium (Mayonnaise)
  • SausagesSausages
  • HamHam
  • Free Range EggsFree Range Eggs
  • Okinawan VegetablesOkinawan Vegetables

“Happy Mayo & Egg”,this is the media site of mayonnaise

“Happy Mayo & Egg”, this is the media site of mayonnaise

We will tell you the mystery of Japanese mayonnaise, which is said to be the most delicious mayonnaise all over the world!

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「Happy Mayo&Egg」
Happy Mayo&Egg